1. When your friends ask you to hangout, and you don’t feel like it, don’t go. Don’t ever do things halfway or do something that makes you uncomfortable. With everything, give all of yourself, even the pieces you never knew existed.

2. It is okay to not know. Everyone always despises the phrase, “I don’t know” but no one tells you that it is okay to not know. The becoming is more important than the being, anyways.

3. If someone ever makes you feel less, in any way, you have every right to walk away. You have every right to cut out toxic people in your life. To close the door on people who make you feel bad about who you are or what you stand for. Friends don’t tear down, they build up.

4. Loss is always going to happen. Just like paint will always chip and rain will always fall, loss will always be part of life. No matter how much I don’t like it, or avoid it, it is going to walk my way at several times in my life. Learn to embrace it and learn to get closure.

5. Give yourself a chance. Stop saying, “I don’t think I can” or “But what if I am not able to?” and give yourself a chance. This may be cliche, but try to believe in yourself. When you get older, your knees won’t work the same and you won’t have the best memory, and you are going to wish you’d given yourself a chance years sooner.

6. Fall in love. Don’t be guarded before you fall in love. You could fall in love three times and still not find the right one, but none of it is going to make “the one” matter less. Don’t fall into that idea that your first love has to be your best love. Fall in love as many times as it naturally happens.

7. Firsts are going to be messy. First loves, first kisses, first dates, first failed tests, first college class, first time you drive a car, first time you ride a plane - first times were made to be imperfect. Just because it’s messy and all over the place, doesn’t mean it can’t be good or worthwhile.

8. You want another scoop of ice-cream? Go get it. Get three more scoops of ice-cream if that is what you want. “Fat” is not the opposite of beautiful and it is not the opposite of happy. Don’t let anyone tell you that your body type isn’t beautiful. Beauty is a social construct, create your own, become your own.

9. Let yourself be alone. Loneliness is not a bad thing. It is healthy and normal. Everyone needs to spend a good portion of their life alone. We learn who we are when we are alone; life is less crowded and more clear when we are alone.

10. If you aren’t happy where you are, change it. Quit your job, move, become a vegetarian, get a new hobby, pick up an old hobby, whatever you do - make sure it benefits you. Life is too short to not be alive, to not be passionate, and overflowing.

Amanda Helm - Ten things I learned before I turned twenty
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Michael Pitt, photographed by Patrick Fraser.


Michael Pitt, photographed by Patrick Fraser.


I’m a good fisherman, Jack

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The night of the Oscars he was sitting close to the group representing The Great Beauty. For long moments, and during the previous weeks, he had hoped to be on stage instead of Tonny Servillo. Mads Mikklesen, protagonist of The Hunt, the film of Danish Thomas Vinterberg that competed against Paolo Sorrentino, admits “When Ewan McGregor announced your victory, I was upset” he tells me over the phone from Copenhagen where he lives. And, with philosophy, adds “A few secons of delusion, but then patience, I thought that there would be other chances”. This isn’t the first time Mads has been in a film that has come close to the Oscar. It happened for After the Wedding, by Susanne Bier, another Danish director, in 2007. It’s been a while since he was young (he’s 48), Mads knows that his international career is still to be played. He is a man who should be judged on the long run: for instance, he has been with choreographer Hanne Jacobsen (married in 2000) for a quarter of a century. They have two children aged 21 and 16. I ask how they keep up a relationship for so many years. “If you love each other, it’s easy” he responds. Ex gymnast, then professional dancer for 10 years, he worked with the most important directors in his country until James Bond arrived: thanks to his role as Le Chiffre (the one with the tear of blood) he came across as an excellent villain. In fact he was chosen as serial killer Hannibal for the eponymous TV show (in the US the second season has started, we’ll se it on Italia1). Soon he will be at Cannes with the Danish film The Salvation by Kristian Levring, with co star Eva Green. La Croisette brings luck, in 2012 he won the Palme D’or for best actor for The Hunt. “I was on set, they called to tell me that we won something and that I would have to go, because exactly during that time, the wife of the director was in labor. I was waiting for an award for the film, not for me. I had even prepared a speech on behalf of Vinterberg!”

Mads Mikkelsen for Vanity Fair Italia by Kenneth Willardt (x)

Orange is the New Black cast for Entertainment Weekly (May 2, 2014)

"Perfect isn’t normal, nor is it interesting. I have no features without makeup. I am pale. I have blond lashes. You could just paint my face - it’s like a blank canvas. It can be great for what I do."

by Mason Poole for Flaunt